My name is Madina Ouagué, I’m a 21 years old exchange student coming from France and I’m studying international business in Kedge Business School in Marseille.

I’m a discrete young woman, motivated, a 100% dedicated in what I’m doing and very respectful of others. Coming from a large african family, being surrounded of people is what I appreciate a lot. I have two big sisters, and two little sisters, which places me in the middle of any kinds of family situations. My parents still are married, and work tremendously in order to offer to each of us a decent life. I really am a family woman, I love them more than anything.

I like laughing, sharing with people, and especially traveling in order to know various ways of life.

I have visited Canada in the summer of 2006, I enjoyed it so much that I went back the following summer and that I chose to live there for 9 months last year.
Then, in 2011, I have visited Beijing, China, with my high school class. I stayed 10 days and I learned a lot about Chinese way of life.

As my home residence is Marseille, I had the chance to visit several times Barcelona and Salou in Spain, and visited Rome, Pompeii, Milan, Bergamo, Naples and Venice in Italy. I have also visited Brussels and Liege in Belgium twice.

As I said, I come from a large African family, particularly from Mali. I go there every two years; most of my family still lives in Bamako and in nearby villages.

So now, this is my first time to Sans titre  and I thought to share my experience in the country that I have always dreamed of visiting is a good idea.

So, here I am, in exchange student in a great college : Howard University.

Sans titre
I’m really happy to have the opportunity to be here and I’m ready to share all my adventures and experiences on this blog.


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