I miss Africa 💚💛❤️


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Beautiful monuments…

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Not to mention the family, the warmth of people, the weather and the stunning food.

I love and I miss my country.





Far from home…

Being expatriate is quite a unique experience, it involves being kilometers far from the family, friends, and habits.
Unique, too, because time flies, but time passes slowly as well…

Time flies because, in my mind, I just arrived but I realize that it’s been six weeks that I’ve been here, but time passes slowly as I miss my family and my friends a lot! I realize, however, that it is less difficult for me than when I moved to Montreal, because it was the first time I was living alone, without my parents telling me to do the dishes, or my sisters taking my clothes :)

I’m like that, a little bit Fleur Bleue, and if there’s one thing that my expatriation strengthens in my opinion, is the character and convictions that I have. Here more than ever I am conscious of how much I value my family.

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I can understand people who, like me, discover america and want to stay there, in fact I would like to stay longer as there is so much to see!

But for me, living here is an experience I am glad to live, but it will only last a time… And I think that’s just because I hang up my mind that one day I will return “home” I want to take full advantage of my life here. The United States is a beautiful country, Washington DC definitely has charm, but even if I like it here and now, I know that my heart is elsewhere forever…



Overview of my previous trips – America & Europe


Montreal, Toronto, Ottawa – CANADA 

I have visited Canada in the summer of 2006 with my little sister, I enjoyed it so much that I went back the following summer with my mother and my older sister and that I chose to live there for 9 months last year. I was also an exchange student there at the Quebec University at Montreal (UQAM), and I loooooved it! ♡

DS               UQAM



So, France is my home residence! I live in Marseille, and I have visited several cities :

Paris (of course 😉) – Nice – Cannes – Toulon – Cassis – La Ciotat – Toulouse – Lyon …etc.

So here are some pictures of my lovely Marseille…

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Brussels, Liege – BELGIUM 

Since I have a cousin who lives in Brussels, I was fortunate to go there twice!

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Milan, Rome, Bergamo, Naples, Venice – ITALY 🇮🇹

I loved Italy! My trips out there have always been great! With my mother, my aunt and my sisters, we decided to visit several cities, and they are all beautiful …
I do have a preference for Venice ♡

venise                Sans titre

Barcelona – SPAIN 🇪🇸

Following my trip to Italy, my family and I were curious to know how Spain was. We wanted to have fun, so we visited Barcelona before heading to Port Aventura, it was amazing!

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So it was for me an immense pleasure to share my previous discoveries around the world!

I hope to see more & more in my life…



Overview on my previous trips – Africa & Asia

While writing this article, I realize that although I had the opportunity to see several countries in my life, I have so soooooo many other things to see on Earth!

So here is an overall of the places I already have been to Africa & Asia! ✈


Bamako – MALI 

The first time I took the plane was to go to Bamako in Mali, my country of origin.

I was 5yo, so I don’t really remember the experience. The only thing I can’t forget, is that my uncle stole the last part of my 5th birthday cake before I woke up…

Since then, my family and I go there every 2 years to spend vacations.

5               K

Bobo-Dioulasso – BURKINA FASO 

In the summer 2014, I spent one month in Bamako with my family. I had the opportunity to accompany my cousin to Burkina Faso to visit her grandmother. I have not had the chance to see the capital, Ouagadougou, but I had so much fun in Bobo, although I only stayed there for four days.

BOBO               BOBOL

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Beijing – CHINA 🇨🇳

I studied Mandarin Chinese for 5 years, so I had the chance to spend 10 days in Beijing with my twelfth grade class. It was really cool, especially compared to the fact that I went with my best friends.

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In my next post, I will speak of my previous trips to America & Europe!



What I missed in Howard

I am fortunate to be an exchange student in a beautiful country, a great city and a fantastic university!

Howard Logo

Unfortunately, despite the efforts of student associations who are suppose to inform international students, we are not always aware of what is happening on campus.

Well … I must admit that everything is going very fast here! There are even things happening that nobody knows, total surprises.

So this is how big personalities came to the Howard campus, and that I unfortunately missed, in my greatest despair …

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2 Chainz                                      Drake                                      Waka Flocka

I am so unlucky, but I hope to one day have the opportunity to meet or see one of these celebrities… Knowing that with the popularity of this school in the US, I have more chances to meet them than in Marseilles …