New York City

Week end in the Big Apple.

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Since I moved in DC, I only got the chance to make a stop in New York City for my correspondence to Montreal.
Impossible to come to the United States, and not visiting the Big Apple as it should.
So I organized a 3-day weekend with my friends coming from Canada, France and DC, in order to explore this beautiful city.

So we took advantage of Airbnb ( >>> essential apps for Globe-Trotters), and rented an apartment in New Jersey. Initially we were worried that we would be too far from the city center; finally, some shuttles often go towards Times Square.

And here we go for our  New Yorker adventure!
We walked a lot, talked, laughed, visited …
There is so much to see, that in three days, it is impossible to do everything.
So we saw most things, and it was great!


Unfortunately, I do not have much time to spend on American soil, but New York is an achievement for me and I am delighted!




Baltimore, Maryland

So after this beautiful day for Veterans day, I had no plans for the following weekend. Saturday night, I attended an amazing party in honor of the independence of Angola in Manassas, Virginia.

Sunday, I used my day off to get out of DC a little and spend the day in Baltimore, Maryland.

The city is only 1 hour from DC, but having partying the night before we went there, my friends and I, in the afternoon.

After seeing the Baltimore city hall, the Old Baltimore Shot Tower, the beautiful harbor and historic boats, we saw this shop full of candy and other things. Of course, we went there and we bought a giant Snickers!

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Beautiful day, beautiful weather and a beautiful city to visit!



Little trip to Montréal

I told you I’m in love with this country…

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Sooo in love that when I had the opportunity to go, I took it and went back for the 4th time!

So I kidnapped my dear friend, and we did 15 hours of bus to get to Montreal. I was really excited to get there, to see my friends and my family!

So this is why I had the chance to go through New York City, I was waiting my connecting bus to Canada.

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Despite the long hours on the bus, studying for exams that I had right after, and the calories I took in five days: it was an amazing trip!


So Canada, see you for the 5th time 😉